07 February 2011

Di Pagi Hari Chinese New Year~

dh cuti... overnight laaa~
lyn si arep sedot shisha kt uma zarul smpai kol 6 pagi~ then tdo....
kol 10 pagi bgon sedot shisha lg kt uma arep pulak... breakfest asap~
sementara arep panas kn enjin moto die.. sempat laaa snap ini pic~ first time tuu snap gn scoot si zarul nih'

21 December 2010

My passport has missing!!!

How ni? Passport missing edi... nak wat baru agak leceh gak... byk kje lor~
now duduk & diam kt malaysia nih... haish' nk wt cmne kn.. hehe

23 November 2010

Scooterist JB

Akhir nyer~ Perjumpaan Scooterist JB semua berjalan lancar pada 12 Nov 2010 (Jumaat)

Mula berkumpul di Petronas Kobena... Kemudian lepaking kat Larkin Perdana...

Perut sudah kenyang... Hati Banyak Senang Laa~ Time to GO!!!

Pit STop jap kat Esso Kg. Melayu utk isi minyak... then Sambung Berjalan ke Highway Baru...

Perhentian Terakhir di PizzaHut & KFC Setia Tropika utk PhotoShoot...

After PhotoShoot then Bersurai Sudaa~

*Scooterist JB just Group in Facebook

Jam Pening!!!

Bile aku pkai jam ni kt tangan... Dan bile ade yg ter pandang... Mesti akan ber tanye~

21 November 2010

Limera1n for Jailbreak iOS 4.1

coC@88OOOOOCCc:::..8 oc


Mac OS X

iPhone 3G, 3Gs & 4

What is Jailbreaking?

So what is iPhone Jailbreaking? Jailbreaking is the process one goes through which allows the installation of unofficial third-party applications. These unofficial applications are usually much cooler and much more useful then the official Apple approved apps you will find in the Apple App Store. These third-party apps do everything from changing the background of your iPhone, the app icon images, to letting you use the iPhones built-in camera to take video as well as pictures (who needs to wait for Apple to implement this?). Another popular type of unofficial third-party application is games. You can find these games on most of the popular iPhone jailbreaking forums, games from all the classic Mario Brothers titles to almost all of the Nintendo and Super Nintendo game emulators. You would never see these games on the Apple App Store, and if you did expect to pay top dollar for them! When you jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch you open it up to a whole other world of possibilities. To be honest, the iPhone and iPod touch’s capabilities are not really taken advantage of unless you jailbreak it.

* Jailbreak is Illegal